Temporary unity prime minister candidateVazgen Manukyan  met with community members of Vanadzor today.

Temporary unity prime minister candidateVazgen Manukyan / Վազգեն Մանուկյան and Հայրենիքի փրկության շարժում coordinator Իշխան Սաղաթելյան / Ishkhan Saghatelyan met with community members of Vanadzor today.


1. The war could have been prevented, the war could have ended with less losses.

2. Shushi was not captured, Shushi was surrendered.

3. The Azerbaijani army also demanded a ceasefire, the internal discontent was growing and we could have taken a favorable position in the trilateral statement.

4. The army is broken, we have losses of more than a billion dollars in weapons and ammunition, huge economic losses - arable lands, mines, etc.

5. We have entered into a destructive peace.

6. The defeat continues after the ceasefire. Azerbaijan violates the trilateral statement, while Armenia continues to shrink after the end of the war.

7. At the January 11 meeting in Moscow, Azerbaijan solved a fundamental issue for itself. The Armenian side, which went to solve the issue of captives, did not solve any issue at all.

8. Turkey and Azerbaijan will benefit from the opening of the roads, our businesses risk being swallowed up.

9. A weak state cannot have a strong economy. In a weak state, the economy will be in their (the enemy's) hands, and we will become a settlement - not a state.

10. The current authorities in Armenia will gradually remove national pride, making it secondary.

11. Extraordinary elections under Nikol Pashinyan mean reproducing his power.

12. Nikol Pashinyan is not alone, he has a team, but (that team) is not "My Step". It is a group of about 20 people, some of whom are spies from different countries, who carry out foreign programs.


1. Security inside the country is not ensured. There are many spy networks in Armenia, from different countries, including Turkey. They are creeping into power. The National Security Service should deal seriously with this issue, not solve small political problems.

2. Many organizations funded by foreign foundations inspire a corresponding psychology in our youth. What our schools do not do, they do, making our young people their servants. And those servants are in power today. One of the upcoming tasks of the interim government should be to restore the work of the NSS and to regulate the field of externally funded organizations by relevant laws.

3. The situation in the education system is disgraceful. Our schools should educate the youth, instill pride in their nation and history, while striving to compete with other nations, so that they are not deceived by the words "freedom" and "justice" that easily corrupt our youths' minds. The most important issue for internal security becomes education, which should be based on the upbringing of Armenian citizens, of Armenian people.

4. In 2018, they came to power with calls to fight corruption. And today people are not indignant and are not surprised by the current corruption. We must fight corruption, because it is also a fight for the security of the country. But it must be done regularly, with special laws and mechanisms, not with words.

5. Nikol Pashinyan was one of the most corrupt journalists. The journalists knew that, and I blame them that when the people were electing Pashinyan, was supposed to fight against corruption, they did not tell the truth to the people.


1. Members of the government must be professional, experienced and credible. They must be reputable people in their fields.

2. Armenia and Artsakh have never provoked a war. The same should happen in the future. But we will show resistance, we will not allow our rights to be violated.

3. We must have an army that our enemies will be afraid of. If there is no powerful state, there is no prosperity. Switzerland, located in the center of Europe, which is not at war with anyone, has one of the best armies in the world.

4. The negotiations of the OSCE Minsk Group should be resumed in regard to the Artsakh issue - demanding that the integrity of Artsakh be ensured in accordance with all international laws. There can be no concession in this matter.

5. We must restore strategic relations with Russia. Russia has fulfilled its obligations to Armenia, but could have done much more if Armenia had normal relations with Russia. On the one hand, Nikol Pashinyan was harassing Russia like no other government, on the other hand, he was constantly irritating the dignity of the Russian state and its leader.

6. Develop relations with China. China is interested in relations with Armenia. Armenia is a natural barrier for China with respect to Pan-Turkism. China can be helpful to us in many ways. But Nikol Pashinyan joined the anti-Chinese alliance, after which we are no longer considered a friendly country of China.

7. Pashinyan's government spoiled relations with Iran to please the United States. What did we gain? We lost everything, gained nothing - becoming someone else's toy.

8. It is necessary to have relations with Turkey after some time, but only after strengthening ourselves. Today Turkey is pursuing an aggressive policy all over the world, and Turkey's enemies are cooperating with each other. We should also cooperate, not because we do not like Turkey, but because political mathematics demands it.

9. The issue of the allies must be resolved for our security.

10. In order to solve the most serious socio-economic problems, we need investments, which today Armenian businessmen living in the Diaspora, particularly in Russia, can make. Under this government, they will not make investments, but they will make them in case of a reliable government.

11. It's not that we have or create hope, but we create and have a path to rise again. There is a very important issue at the heart of our path. It is inner pride, faith and trust in our nationality. If the national is taken away, we will not achieve anything.

12. High priority and top quality tasks must be set. The road to mere survival leads to a dead end.

13. We must change the government, because there is no other way. Otherwise, Armenia is doomed. We must understand that a change of government is not only a punishment for the past, but also a path to the future.

14. I have fought all my life for the solidarity of our people. But I will not tolerate those who are destroying this country for their own benefit.

15. The government must be changed by the people, the people must stand up.


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