They are a threat to peace and solidarity in the region, undermining the internationally established foundations of the human rights system.

Armenians have a distorted psychology, they need a good doctor, the poison of Armenians is from the Diaspora: these are the words of the President of Azerbaijan, uttered on April 13, 2021. His speech is rooted in hatred and fascism, is racist. The speech aims to cause enmity between Armenia and Artsakh and the Armenian Diaspora.

Excerpts from the April 13th speech:

"(...) They (meaning Armenians) need good doctors. I have said many times that they were poisoned. This poison mainly comes from their Diaspora, which enjoys life in very quiet, beautiful places in the south of France, in California, in the Krasnodar region, and in other capitals. They want the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia to be their hostage, their tool, so that they can engage in sharp, chauvinistic ideas. Armenian society (...) lives under the Iron Curtain and under the influence of these poisonous ideas. We are ready to support them in this matter.”

"(...) it has to do with their psychology again. They think the whole world owes them. That psychology has put them in the current humiliating state, but they still think they need help. (...) They do not realize that the problem is in them. The biggest danger in Armenia is their psychology. This needs to change. Maybe it will be a turning point for them to understand what a difficult lesson we have taught them."

"It simply came to our notice then. They were brought up as if they were the greatest nation in the world, they deserve full support, everyone owes them, no one knows why. They used fake stories to gain personal and corporate benefits. Now everyone understands that their army does not exist, they have 10,000 deserters, 10,000, ‘Invincible Army.’ Their whole perception has changed. You are absolutely right, it is a mutilation, a psychological mutilation."


The speech of the President of Azerbaijan on April 12 at the opening of the “Park”, as well as his speech on April 13, emphasize that ordinary people living in Armenia and Artsakh, as well as all Armenian people have psychological disorders, are full of poison, are incomprehensible, savage, arrogant, have no morality, etc.

Instead, he shows the comparative advantages of the people of Azerbaijan, deems them higher in class, higher in morality and psychology. He does all of this at the expense of blatantly distorting historical facts.

The Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia draws the attention of international organizations, especially those with a mandate to protect human rights, to the policy pursued by the President of Azerbaijan.

It is obvious that he is carrying out a state policy of a propaganda of hatred and enmity, racism and fascism towards the population of Armenia and Artsakh and the Armenian people.

It is these speeches and policies that are the cause of the barbarities and atrocities, and the driving force of the tortures by Azerbaijanis.

They are a threat to peace and solidarity in the region, undermining the internationally established foundations of the human rights system.

Contrary to the above-mentioned speeches, the Authorities of the Republic of Armenia have never pursued a state policy of hatred or enmity towards the people of Azerbaijan and ordinary people living in Azerbaijan.

On April 13, the President of Azerbaijan delivered a speech entitled "A New Look at the South Caucasus. Development and Cooperation after the Conflict.” The event was held at ADA University (University of the Diplomatic Academy of Azerbaijan, Baku, April 10-13, 2021).

Arman Tatoyan

The Human Rights Defender of Armenia

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